When all is said and done there is more said than done.
-- Aesop

About this site:

This site started life as a backup of a Tumblr blog.  I migrated it here after their big purge of "adult" content and "female-presenting nipples" in December of 2018.  We're grateful to have had an opportunity to blog with them and we're sorry they couldn't figure out a less draconian solution.  Perhaps they'll do better than LiveJournal did after their purge.

The site originally focused on an adult kink called D/Lg.  Much of the content is very pornographic.  You need to be an adult to visit the rest of the site.  In fact, it's so adult I always say you should be at least 28 to visit.  But seriously, minors who attempt to interact in any way will have their sites and personal IP addresses blocked.

Other topics I address include social issues relating to sexuality, stereotypes, common misunderstandings about a variety of kinks, gender assumptions about kink (too many people are surprised to learn that not all Doms are men and not all Subs are are women, for instance.)  I also write a lot about bad representations of sex in porn.  (Because, seriously, don't do it like you see them doing it in porn!)

About D/Lg, Littles, and Daddies

I chose the name "Old Enough to Be Your Father" because I was exploring what was then a new-to-me kink called "D/Lg" or, more generically, "Cg/L."  I was introduced to it by a partner who over the course of our relationship "outed" herself as a Little.

While I've always been a top during sex, even vanilla sex, I always thought of myself as a really bad BDSM Dominant.  Since I'm a real-life father of adult children  I was a little freaked out when she asked if she could call me "Daddy."

She went on to explain the whole D/Lg kink -- something I'd never really paid attention to even though I thought of myself as very worldly.  As she spoke it was like a light turned on.  I actually am a really terrible Dom.  But it turns out I'm a very good, comfortable Daddy!

A lot of people don't really understand D/Lg.  Neither why some Submissives like to express themselves in a child-to-parent role.  And it's totally natural to be concerned about anyone who's turned on by taking on a "Daddy" role towards... well... anybody in a sexual context.

The trick, though, is that it's actually a pretty adult way to do power exchange.  And really, I promise, it's all about that dynamic, not the participants' actual ages.

Clue: if you're not both adults who are able to give competent, legal, and conscious consent it's not D/Lg or Cg/L, or DD/Lg.  Instead it's creepy behavior involving people who can't legally consent.  And if you can't legally consent to something it's not "kinky" it's criminal.

But in reality D/Lg is a type of roleplaying.  You really don't want a "naughty nurse" taking care of you when you're legitimately sick, even though it's fun to play that game when you're both healthy, consenting adults.  Similarly the sort of lingerie associated with "French Maids" wouldn't be sexy, it would be goddamn #metoo workplace harassment.  And if it's not consensual then it's not bondage, spanking, discipline, or sadomasochism, it's criminal intimidation and assult.  Right?

D/Lg's the same sort of roleplaying, a way for adults to relate to each other.