10 Tips for CG’s – #1


I‘ve decided that it would be worth writing up some quick fire tips aimed squarely at people who are in my role. These are primarily aimed at people who have a little and who’s relationship with their little isn’t sexual but there are some cross over areas. I’ll probably do another one of these in the near future.

  1. At change time, get your little to count with you as you do the tabs of their nappy up. Works even better when you have more layers of nappies to put on them.
  2. Make big activities little, assignments for college or university can always do with being called homework. Even better if homework is monitored by their CG to make sure it is done on time and you sit them down to get it finished. Better still, get them to send it to you to be checked over and you send it back with things to make it better.
  3. Make a little carry something of their little life with them everywhere they go even if they are feeling big. My baby boy carries his dummy with him everywhere. This works for several reasons, mainly as a reminder that there’s someone out there looking out for them. But also they can use it in bathrooms when on the potty to have a few moments of peaceful littlespace. This works even better with infrequent dummy checks where they have to prove they have it with them.
  4. Get your little to tell you when they are going potty even when they aren’t little. Even better when you know their are feeling little or on the verge of being little ask them when you know they are in the bathroom if they are going wee-wees or poopy to embarrass them a little by having to tell you.
  5. Every little should have a stuffed toy. Even if it’s something picked up cheap 2nd hand, after a good wash a nice cuddly toy can become a faithful companion who will make a little feel more secure in themselves. They might be inanimate, but to a little in littlespace they can become the best confidant to talk to about their troubles as a teddy bear doesn’t judge.
  6. Think about their P’s and Q’s. My little boy sometimes forgets his manners and I make a point about listening to what he is saying. Sometimes he wont say please or thank you when he should, it’s always fun to point this out very obviously to him. Even better if he says naughty words and he gets really nervous that Daddy is going to put him in time out for being silly.
  7. Make sure you tell them what you are doing. It’s one thing to know what your little is up to, but they should know what you are doing like being at work so they know that you won’t be as active in replying. Littles can get very worried in littlespace and if their CG isn’t replying to them suddenly it can make that worry turn to panic that they might have said or done something wrong. Keep them informed.
  8. Contact is so important, even on relationships that are distant, reminding a little you are there by offering even virtual cuddles can make a big difference. While *cuddles* works, telling them how you want to hold them in great detail will really strengthen your relationship with your little as they can imagine you doing it and it will comfort them more, the same applies in real life. Watch how they react to work out what contact makes them feel the most special.
  9. Never be the same way twice. A nappy change is mundane, nappy open, wipe up, nappy thrown out, new nappy under, powder/lotions, secure it up. That’s the process in a nutshell, but many CG’s just don’t try to mix things up. Gently slap your powder covered hands on their tummy, or tell them it’s snowing when you powder them. Little changes and additions keep a pretty normal process interesting and engaging.
  10. As a CG, you give the illusion of being in charge. However, always remember that your job is to care for the little and make sure they feel safe. The person that holds the power in the CG/L dynamic happens to be the one who’s also the most vulnerable. Treat them with respect, love and most of all the attention they deserve. The more you put in to caring for a little, the more you will get out of the relationship.

Awesome recommendations regardless!