A note on proper behavior on my blog

A lot of the 27K people who follow my blog – quite probably the majority of them – do not have English as their first language. They are doing their best and struggling mightily with the English language, which anyone who has a sane language as their mother tongue can confirm is a wicked hard motherfucker of a language to master. I will not tolerate anyone mocking or denigrating any of my Followers because their English is not perfect. I will call you out, and then I will block your ass.

Any questions?

Since I grew up in rural Appalachia I kin tell you right now there’s a whole lot of 8th- and 10th-generation English speakers who still struggle real hard like to talk and spell good English.  So they ain’t no sense making fun of folks who haven’t had as much time to get the hang of it then, is there?

No, no they ain’t airy a one.