a tip to all of you that receive dick pics frequently. use:

DickPicLocator™ – Where was that dick pic taken?

in sweden where i live sending an unsolicited dick pic can give up to 6 years of prison. usually they have to pay a fine. several cases has had to pay a fine of $1000 to the one they sent it to.

the tool doesn’t always work, but let’s circulate this and give all dick pics senders a scare.

Oooh!  Crowdsourcing and geolocating dickpic senders?  See nearby pins in a map to see if they’ve been sending them to other people too?  Storing only the geolocating info and none of the uploader’s info too?

Yes please!

(Note; there’s a distinct possibility that this could be misused to geolocate people who send solicited pics, dick, forearms, breasts, or other parts.  So it could be used for stalking.  But this seems like a very worthwhile initiative.)