Ahahahah!  This!  Ahahahahah!!!!

I have roughly zero idea why straight guys are so transfixed by anal sex.  It feels close enough to vaginal sex to make no difference, only with no natural lubrication and way more cleanup.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get that it feels different for women, and that for quite a few women it feels wonderfully different.  But… maybe I’m going out on a limb here but I’m gonna say most guys who demand anal aren’t all that interested in whether it feels better for her.

That said, if it’s really that important to you then you should be fine with the old catchphrase “if anyone gets it in the ass, everyone gets it in the ass.”

I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s the “taboo” factor! ???? If so then fine, champ, getting pegged is even more taboo, right?  Ahahah!  Right! ????

Everybody’s got an asshole.  They’ve got exactly the same anatomy, musculature, nerve endings, the works.  Therefore if you think your sweetie would like you getting up in her ass then sort of by-definition you’ve got to think you’d enjoy her getting up yours!