all these men want casual no strings attached relationships then wonder why they keep slipping into pits of like sorrow and intermittent depression in the moments they’re too sober. Like when all you’ve done is compartmentalize affection to the point where it’s just a transaction to you, or a point of maintenance you have to fulfill every few nights, you *will* suffer consequences. your heart *will* eventually feel heavy when you start to remember all your missed connections, and all the opportunities to feel genuine love for another person. like this sort of selfishness comes with a price, there’s like a debt to be paid here

Assignment: get out a sheet of paper and start writing down all the implicit strings attached to “no strings attached” sex.

String #1: agree not to call you in the morning to say how you feel

String #2: agree not to ask about commitments

String #3: agree not to tell anyone you’re seeing each other

String #4: …

Your turn.

You might need more than one sheet of paper.