Am I a Bad Little?


I’m a Little..a Middle actually. A baby girl, a Princess.
I don’t age regress.  I don’t do baby clothes, onesies, pacifiers, or baby talk.
I don’t collect stickers or stuffies. I don’t have a play fort.
I don’t require daily reminders or rules for meals, bedtime, etc.
I’m not into face fucking or vigorous spanking.
Do I think there’s anything wrong with any of those things? Absolutely not! It’s just not me.
Being a Middle is inherently just part of who I am…all the time. I’m a womanchild.
I have no problem letting out an “oooooo” with “grabby hands” if I’m out shopping…and I don’t care who hears it or who’s with me.
I like to color (but I prefer adult coloring books). I love to blow bubbles. I love anything sparkly; I like pink; I like hair ribbons; and the occasional lucky stuffie (I’m really picky). Music…loud. I like candy. Short shorts and t-shirts with sassy sayings. I’m bubbly and giggly and generally upbeat with a sassy/sarcastic sense of humor. I love to please….When I’m feeling “little” my voice sounds younger in my head, and I might get a little giddy, but nothing really changes.
But I also adore sexy, seductive lingerie, and classy, elegant clothes. I like to feel confident, sexy and in control.
Does this make me a bad Little? I don’t think so.
I want a man who wants to pleasure me as much as I want to pleasure him. Someone to guide me & help explore my boundaries. Put a blush on my cheeks (yes, those) but skip the bruises & tears. Hold me & comfort me when I’m having a bad day and feeling small & insecure. But remember that I’m also a strong, confident woman with opinions and valuable input. Someone who will also let me hold & support him when he needs it. Someone who is confident and in control, but not controlling. Give and take. Loyalty and honesty. Consistency and stability. Passion and love.
Does this make me a bad Little? No.
It makes me an independent, confident Womanchild, middle, baby girl, Princess who knows what she needs…and what she has to offer. Are my expectations too high? Will it be impossible to find such a partner? Perhaps. But I’m also perpetually optimistic…a special Little to be sure. ????

– I’ll be me/you do you (via littlekit14)

Nicely said. It’s what you feel, not what you should.