Any advice for anal? I’m wanting to give it a try but I’m afraid it’ll hurt a lot

A sex blogger, long gone dark, use to say


Warm up. Go slow. Use lube. It’s gonna hurt. You will cry. Bite the pillow.

“if anyone gets it in the ass, everyone gets it in the ass.”
– Laura the Tooth

Ok, so she was totally into pegging, so for her it actually went the other way.  But it’s still really, really good advice.  Doesn’t have to be pegging, but if you’re going to let him stick his dick in your ass, he’ll have a much better idea of how to proceed if you, or he, sticks something roughly the same size in his ass.

He doesn’t have to come from it.  Which is fine because you might not either.  That’s not the point though.  What he will get is some serious insight into what you’ll be experiencing.  And how to proceed.

He might sympathize with you if he’s not done it (at least to) himself.  But if he has?  He’s going to empathize too.

More importantly, though?  Knowing he’s going to have at least a little empathy means you’ll have a lot more trust and confidence.  And you’re more likely to relax.  And it’s a lot less likely to leave you crying and biting you’re pillow.

But yeah, use all the lube too.  

At least at first.

He’ll understand.

Oh, the other thing Tooth would say?  If he thinks sticking a dildo up his ass somehow calls his masculinity into question?  When he’s doing it so he can stick his dick in his girlfriend’s ass?  It’s the goddamn 21st Century.  Tell him to grow a pair.  (And if it calls his masculinity into question for you? Get over yourself too.)

“If anyone gets it in the ass, everyone gets it in the ass.”