…Anything for an orgasm!

So wtf with those “after an hour she’ll be so needy she’ll do anything for an orgasm” kind of BDSM memes?

As opposed to… what?

You ever heard anyone say “oh yuck, an orgasm, I won’t do anything for one of those?”

Nothing wrong with winding someone up for an hour before letting them come. Heh!

And mmm, begging to come is very hot, isn’t it? So’s listening to someone beg!

But that whole “she’ll do anything“ business sounds silly! She’s let you tie her up and edge her, what’s she going to say yes to that she wasn’t going to right from the start?

Ooh, unless were role playing spies or cops and robbers!

“Give me the ruby slippers and I’ll let you come, my little pretty!”

Hmmm, that sounds like fun, doesn’t it, teaspoon?