Anyways all boys who joke about rape are ugly

I’ll keep reblogging this until people stop defending rape jokes

Not to be “that guy” but everyone who jokes about rape is ugly

Tbh this is the one time I’ll support the “it’s not just men” because everyone needs to cut this tf out

Gonna cut back the other way for a minute and point out that, in a big twist on the usual phrasing, not all rapists are ugly!  No more than all victims are skimpily dressed teenagers.

Not to repeat rape theory 101 or anything but rape is a power crime not a sex crime.  It’s not something people do because they’re “too ugly” to “get a girl.”  It’s something they do because they get off on treating people like things.  In fact, sometimes they’re not even doing it to get off!  Instead, as with bullies of all types, they may just be using sex as a weapon because socially it’s such a “force multiplier” of powerlessness, humiliation, and desecration for victims.



There are some very attractive people out there who are rapist as hell.  Saying it’s about looks shields waaaaayyyyyy too many perpetrators.  

Cops, family members, victim’s friends, and sometimes victims themselves(!!!) can fall for the excuse “he could have anybody he wanted.”  Yes?  And?  So?  If what he wants is unwilling victims then it’s kind of moot how many willing partners he could hook up with, hmm?

Rape isn’t about looks.

(Note: yes, the sentiment was that it’s ugly to joke about it.  That’s just putting “ugly” people down.  And, again, letting pretty boy jokers off the hook.  Again.