Are there parts of your body that you used to hold in low regard until you started photographing yourself?


I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, before this blog I was about a 3 in the joy and comfort level of being photographed. In the early days I was way more clothed, too. I would always tear myself down, even the smallest things hardly anyone would notice. Now I’d say I’m a 9.5 on being comfortable seeing my body in photos.

This is a big deal. @bareherself puts it wonderfully.

Photographing ourselves (real photos, not just handheld selfies where we can carefully monitor ourselves onscreen) shows us how others see us and not just what we see when we look down, or across in a mirror.

Having the nerve to post gives us actual feedback of what others see.

More to the point, feedback from others tells us what others don’t see! Specially they rarely if ever see the flaws we’re obsessed with.

It’s a lovely, sweetly humbling experience realizing that hardly anyone agrees with our own harsh judgments of ourselves.

Tip: put the camera at your typical lover’s eye level instead of your own.

Tip: nobody should ever feel obliged to take photos for anyone else, share them with anybody else, it post them for anyone else. Or to take them at all.