Always remember how we do it.  We warm that nice ass up.  Grabbing it.  Rubbing it.  Massaging it.  Making sure that it’s ready for my firm hand.  Making sure the blood is flowing.  Your muscles are loose and relaxed.  

Then we start.  Soft at first.  Nice and easy.  Increasing the intensity little by little.  Rubbing that pussy every so often.  Seeing how wet you get.  How turned on you are.  Enjoying the sound of my hand against your bottom.  Drinking in your noises.  Feeling my cock stiffen as the feel of your skin reverberating against my palm.  Till you’re grunting desperately.  Counting out louder and louder, the hints of desperation getting stronger with each one.  Fuck, baby, I love it.  And so do you.

Can’t ev n say how much I love doing this! But I can’t say I’d do it at all if you didn’t love it too!