Heh. Oh, that was a good one, wasn’t it? You practically came out of your skin there. God are you sexy when you’re desperate.

I remember when you told me you couldn’t cum easily. Remember that, baby? How you said that it was hard and sometimes it could be frustrating. Look how far you’ve come now. How that little pussy responds so well to the wand. To my mouth. My fingers. My cock. Making you cum is my favorite thing.

That’s why I strap you down like this. To make sure you let me give you as much pleasure as I want. And today, well today, I really want to see how many times you can take it. So, let’s continue.

When I was a young man with an almost disturbing obsession with giving orgasms I got… pretty fucking good at giving orgasms.  And became passingly popular with friends and acquaintances who hadn’t had an orgasm yet.  

It really was pretty obsessive, though… in retrospect it was always more about me than my partners, which is kind of objectifying in kind of a non-kink, non-negotiated agreement sort of way.

Now though?  Well, it did give me a lot of practice.  And I obviously still like giving orgasms.  Quite a lot, actually.  I just finally agree with the rest of the world that I’m not god’s gift to women.

But inside a kink agreement?  Inside a power exchange relationship?  I’m much more interested in finding out how often you can come than not letting you come at all.

You… might not mind.