hey just so u know I’m here for the girls who have slept with people who they didn’t like and girls who look back on old hook ups and feel gross. girls who have slept with people because they needed the sexual validation but had bad experiences or wished that thy hadn’t gone near those people. girls who found out how bad the people were after the fact. the character of your hookups doesn’t reflect your character. you’re all wonderful and I’m here for u


Love this post sm

Nobody’s perfect. We’ve all looked for love in all the wrong places. All found something we thought… believed… were told!… were the right moves.

And if they weren’t? Well. The only wrong move is to think those things define rather than refine us. The only wrong move is to not recognize the mistakes we all make… to imagine we’re the only ones who ever made them… to imagine we were too good to have made them even if everyone else does… to fail to learn from them!