y’know what else is fun? when a girl is sitting in your lap and you’re just casually rubbing over her panties. not too much pressure, just enough that she feels it and she raises her hips to press against your hand and you let her, let her rub herself against you as her panties start to get wet and she’s panting in your ear. you guide her hips with your free hand, making her go slow and hard, listening to her whine and plead for you to take off her panties but you just keep going until she cums into her pretty panties, wetting them and you leave her in them all day so she can complain about how uncomfy it is and you can just reach down and rub her sensitive kitty until she’s quiet or bent over and drenching them all over again :^)

Daddy should do this????????

A good Daddy knows to remind his Little to always keep a spare pair of panties in her bag, just in case.  A bad Daddy knows this too but…