Back in the 20th Century it just wasn’t considered possible that you might invite all your male friends who were available to work together to make you feel good.  

It wasn’t a matter of “no woman should.”  It was assumed no woman in her right mind would ever want such a thing.  Let alone that you might trust your actual male friends to have any consideration for you.

Instead it was just part of the culture that it would be “boys would be boys,” with no consideration for, you know, you!

We see that 20th Century attitude being played out on the national stage at the moment, with not-even-vanilla “conservatives” tacitly admitting that that’s how they saw women, that there’s nothing wrong with seeing women that way, that boys are so incapable of being responsible that anything and everything that happens is the woman’s fault!  Even if they got her drunk.  Even if they forced her.  

And by “boys” they didn’t just mean minor male children.  They meant “good old boys.”  Which is why you’d see future Presidents, age 59, advising younger (white, privileged, insider) men to grab subordinate women “by the pussy.”  Or forcibly kissing them.  Or at least start forcing yourself into their dressing rooms.  

I grew up in the 20th Century.  I don’t want to live in that world.  I anyone who’s got nostalgia for the days when men were men and women were nothing but bait whether they acted “madonnas” or “whores”  It wasn’t just gross, boys and girls, it was sad and lonely!