Been running across some really delightful women Dom’s sites this afternoon…

God I hate the word “femdom.”  You know what a woman Dom is?  She’s a fucking DOM!  

Even if “femdom” wasn’t a category of sex work gendering any top is about as stupid as calling someone a “doctoress.”  Or, dear god, calling a male nanny a “manny!!!!”

That is all.

Ok, not quite all.  I seem to have stumbled across a nest of dominant women bloging on Tumblr.  They’re pretty cool.  They post interesting stuff.  They post hot stuff too.

Like many people who are into more stereotypes, less understood kinks they put a lot of thought into what they’re doing and they can bring a lot of perspective to what we’re doing too.

Feel free to message me with links to some of your favorite non “femdom” women-top Tumblr blogs.  Same for sub and masochist blogs by men.  (It’s ok to message me your own links too.)