Before you hurt someone….feel.

(via lipstic-junkie)

Love this simple post from lipstic-junkie!

Just going to put this out there for Doms, Daddies, and tops in general.  Even if you’re not a switch.  You’ll be better for it if you know how what you’re doing feels for your sub/Little/bottom.

The old timers used to say “any jackass can kick down a barn.” They also used to say “A good workman knows his tools.”  

Any jackass can randomly pound a sub’s ass, chock them with his cock or strapon, or beat their ass black and blue.   A good dom/Daddy/top knows how to build!

Best thing that ever happened to my skills development was when it occurred to me to try things on my self before trying them on my partner.  It taught me two things.  First, that some things really hurt in a not at all fun way.  But more importantly I also learned that some things feel intense, yes, but also… interesting.

Anyway, point is that I really like this point.  A lot.  Before you hurt someone… feel!  As a top you’re there to create an experience – for your partner and yourself – not just be a jackass.