Being able to endure something does not equal an obligation to withstand it.

This!  It always bugs me in, say, American football where a high-school or college receiver will get absolutely hammered in the ribs, back, and neck while leaping up to catch an overthrown pass and an overfed, has-been announcer will say shit like “it was a tough hit but he could have caught that.”

Could he?  Really?  Let’s see you try it, asshole!

I get the same way about what I call rubbernecking or “stunt-porn” bullshit where everybody’s looking pretty miserable trying to get, like, seven dicks inside one person but you’ll still see comments saying shit like “she ought to be able to ‘take’ that.”

Could she?  Really?  Let’s see you try it, asshole!

And yeah, maybe she even can “take” it!  The human body’s remarkably resilient!  But if she’s clearly not enjoying it then why the fuck would she, just because she can?