Spoon sex ????????

She woke up with the firm line of his body against her back. She pressed closer, burrowing into him. It was early still, morning light just barely beginning to peak through the curtains.

She meant to keep it innocent. She meant to cuddle up to him and fall back asleep for another hour or two. She meant to be a good girl—but then his cock stirred against her and heat pooled between her legs and all bets were off.

So she stretched, making sure to rub her ass against him. His fingers tightened on her hip and she grinned to herself. Her mouth felt thick and tacky from sleep, and even though she swallowed several times before speaking, her voice was still scratchy when she said, “Mornin’.”

He didn’t do more than grunt in response, but he kissed the soft skin behind her ear. One hand came up to play with her nipple, rolling it between his fingers for a moment before he pinched it, harder and harder until she whimpered and arched into his touch. She had to fight to keep her breathing steady against the sharp twist of pain.

He released her nipple and she exhaled slowly. “Now I’m awake,” she said. His laugh was more of a huff of warm air against her ear than anything else. She shivered and he pulled her closer to him. “God, you’re a sweetheart,” he said. He ran his hand over her body, his warm palm pressing firmly against her skin as it moved over her belly, he thigh, back up to her breast. He wrapped his fingers around her throat and gave a brief squeeze. Her breath caught, more in anticipation than any actual restriction of airflow. But his hand moved up quickly, going up to her mouth.

He pressed his thumb between her lips. She accepted it willingly and slid her tongue against the pad of his thumb. While she sucked on it, he kissed her neck and rocked against her ass and she grew so wet she thought she might die.

When she told him that, her words muffled by the thumb in her mouth, he laughed again. “Such a slutty girl,” he said.

“Your slutty girl.” He was fully hard now, his cock pressing against her ass. She imagined it pressing into her, stretching her out just the way she needed, but she knew better than to touch herself without explicit permission. He pressed his thumb flat on her tongue for a moment, then pulled it from her mouth.

She gasped at the first touch of his spit-slick thumb against her clit. “Please,” she said. Then, when he started rubbing it in firm circles, she repeated it. “Please.”

“You’re not going to come this morning,” he said. He pushed her onto her stomach, his hand beneath her, and settled on top of her, pinning her under his weight. He used his free hand to guide his cock to her pussy. When he pushed into her, it was just as good as she had imagined it would be. “If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you come tonight. Get you on your hands and knees with the wand on your clit. I might even gag you. Tie your hands behind your back. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, sweetheart?”

God, yes, she would. It had been so long since he’d allowed her to play with the Hitachi, and she always loved being tied up for him. But when he rocked into her and kept rolling her clit under his thumb, she knew that if he kept this up, she’d be coming within minutes.

She bit the corner of her pillow and tried to steady her breathing. She could do this, she told herself. She could be a good girl.

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Lovely story by @brattyprettysub.  Love, love, love that moment where neither of us are sure who woke up first, let alone who started what first, and where by the time we’re through we’re both too content to do anything but snooze a little longer…