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Considering the first example is from the 16th century and spells it "come”…. 

I didn’t know that! I have a hard time using that argument because I’m also a “language changes! It evolves!” person, but that is really interesting. 

Hmmm… from what I can see, the word used seems to be “came”? And I guess the word “come” came (pun not intended) from there as the present tense? (I may have just spent way too much time reading up about the etymology of come/cum)

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Now I want to make you write stories about begging for orgasm where you have to spell it ‘cum’.

Bwahahaha, I’m cackling at the pictures in my head. A blackboard and a Hitachi and more stubbornness than is probably healthy.

“Do it! Spell it C-U-M!”

“I’d rather die!”

I’d never have another orgasm :P

Ahahah!  This is awesome!  Count me in on @brattyprettysub’s side of this argument!

“Cum” was coined by the elegant, erotic, culture that spelled love “luv,” because “becuz,” saying “UR” instead of “you are,” and ending words that end in “y” or “ie” with an “i.”  So if you spell it “kinki” and telling people “I luv you becuz UR so hawtt” …and maybe dotting your “i’s” with little circles or hearts… then, yeah, go ahead and keep spelling it “cum.”

Go ahead and call it “cum,” it’s kwik and kleen and kikki and keen!

Seriously, the only people who should call get a pass wor writing “cum” are Littles who’ve regressed back past 2nd grade.  Everyone else should give their autocorrect a rest.