But I do want to ask! 26 and 38!

I’ve already answered #26 so in this post I’ll just answer #38: What’s your funniest and/or most embarrassing sex story?

Probably would have been the time a partner and I were both dead sick with colds, and lying around in a freezing apartment where there was a single forced-air vent under a desk in the living room.  We’d been lying on the couch, groaning from the aches and pains, and our noses bright red and swollen from blowing them.  When the heat came on we both crawled over by the desk to try and get warm.  And then under the desk.  And then we started making out pitifully because there was literally nothing else to do under there.  And it was warm enough with the (hot, dry) air blowing over us that we ended up naked.  And sniffling and fucking with big red noses, with her head bumping the floor and mine bumping the underside of the desk.  And in the very unlikely event someone had looked in the window they’d have thought we were making clown porn.