“A sexually submissive woman won’t make a bad CEO (at least, not because she’s sexually submissive). I mean, come on, it’s not like there aren’t sexually submissive men in powerful corporate positions. When I was younger I remember being scared that, in some bizarre way, I was betraying women’s liberation by being sexually submissive; this seems ridiculous to me now. That fear can only survive in a culture where people are looking for excuses — no matter how flimsy — to control and disempower women. Because it doesn’t make any damn sense on its own.”

— Clarisse Thorn (“Inherent Female Submission”: The Wrong Question)

Oh nice quote!  Clarisse Thorn is so awesome!  Keen mind and awesome insights into masochism and submission.  

As for Subs being bad CEOs, it’s practically a cliché that powerful men are the ones most likely to hire “dominatrixes.”  

But really, sexual Submission has no more bearing on one’s social or professional leadership capabilities than does one’s preferences in sports teams, charities, or computer operating systems.