Can you explain the ddlg vs d/s relationship a bit more and how they differ? I’ve looked it up but haven’t found a great explanation. I like calling the other person daddy but otherwise I’m not super into acting like a lg in an ageplay sense. I do want structure and care from my partner but that seems like it happens in either? Sorry I’m just really confused.


Think of it this way, anon: most dogs have tails, but not every animal with a tail is a dog.

Most ddlg (also known as CGL) relationships are d/s, but most d/s relationships are not CGL.

D/s is a huuuuge umbrella. It encompasses many, many different forms of power-exchange-based relationships. CGL is typically (though not always) a power-exchange-based relationship, so it falls under d/s. But because there are many other types of d/s out there, most d/s relationships will not be CGL relationships.

My relationship, for example: I am a dominant, but I’m not a daddy dom. @belovedsangi and @danipup are submissives, but they are not littles. So our relationship is d/s but it is not CGL. Does that make sense?

And of course, to address the other part of your question, CGL itself is also an umbrella term that can cover many different things, of which ageplay is only one. Most CGL relationships that I have seen in real life do not actually incorporate ageplay at all, so you can absolutely be in to CGL type relationships without wanting ageplay.

I hope that helps clear it up, anon :) Don’t worry too much about defining yourself as one thing or another. Just do your thing and figure out which elements of different aspects of the bdsm spectrum work for you personally. You’re not required to be into every single thing in order to be here, you know?


Very nicely said!  Parts of D/S and Cg/L kinks can overlap, sometimes, in places.  Sort of like parts of rugby and soccer overlap, sometimes, in places.  But that’s all.  Parts.  Sometimes.  In places!