Can you please explain why men think squirting is such a big deal?


Because we get off on driving a girl to the point where she loses control like that.

Just a gentle pushback: not all women squirt!

Ladas, Whipple, and Perry, the authors of The G-Spot, who introduced the g-spot to popular culture back in 1982, took great pains to say

  • Not everybody has a g-spot
  • Not everybody has g-spot orgasms
  • Not everybody squirts
  • Squirting is not an ultimate orgasm
  • Squirting orgasms aren’t better than “regular” orgasms
  • DEFINITELY not verification of an orgasm! (Swear to god men get so fucking anxious about this!)

Nobody listened, of course, which is why you see acres of porn with women firehosing all over the map, and lads (and some women) acting as if women who don’t squirt are “faking” orgasms, or “holding back,” or even just “not ready or too inhibited for ‘real’ orgasms!”

What. Ever!

Squirting definitely happens.  And for some women it’s the total bee’s knees!  And for others it’s about the same, except there’s way more cleanup.  And some women consciously and/or anxiously hold back from coming because they squirt every time they come, and it’s a royal fucking pain in the ass to have to change the bedding, and turn over the mattress, every fucking time they have an orgasm.

Funny thing for us older, experienced men.  The “discovery” of the g-spot made women who squirted feel a lot less weird, anxious, and judged for doing it.  Unfortunately it made a hell of a lot of other women feel… weird, anxious, and judged for not doing it.

You know what’s a big deal?  Making you come with a partner at all!  By all accounts us men are notoriously bad about that.  

You know what’s not a big deal?  How you come!