Can you recommend any reading resources and/ write up some tips/articles for Doms working with particularly difficult/stubborn submissives? My girlfriend is a feminist and is interested in becoming a better submissive but I feel her liberal/feminist indoctrination is hindering her heavily along with her stubborn attitude. I’m making progress but it is very slow.



First, I’m not sure if you’re male or female, but because you
mentioned “Doms” as opposed to “Dommes”, I’ll assume you’re male.

I want to thank you for this message, anon, because my fiancée
and I had a great conversation about your mail.
I’ll explain.

I read the message to her and said I had no idea how to answer
it.  Within 15 seconds, I realized the
problem.  You don’t realize you’re
superior.  The moment you do, your
girlfriend will willingly submit at a rate you didn’t think possible.  

I told my fiancée, “there’s nothing wrong with having a
superiority complex” to which she responded with a laugh, “well, I respond to

And the truth is, you could read all the articles and guides you
like, but if you don’t believe you’re inherently superior because you’re a
male, your feminist girlfriend is not likely to submit to you on the level you’d
like.  There’s no technique to it, there’s
no tips or tricks like women find in Cosmo.
The truth is, you’re indoctrinated into feminist lies, too.  You believe you and she are equal.  You’ve bought into the lies of “wage gap”, “rape
culture”, and “female objectification” like she has.  Maybe you haven’t bought into those lies on
the same level, but you’re definitely on her side.

Doing some research, some serious critical thinking about how
and why things like wage gap, rape culture and female objectification don’t
really exist will help you feel empowered and superior.  You’ll realize the truth and you’ll know you
have more knowledge and wisdom than your girlfriend.  When you have those things, you’re instantly
superior.  When you’re superior and you
know you’re superior, you project an air of arrogance and females generally
submit to an extremely confident man (not to mention you’ll be more successful in every other area of your life too).

If you need me to post short articles on the feminist lies, I’ll
do so.  I’ve posted one about the wage
gap which I believe you should read.  Do
your own research.  Think
critically.  Realize a simple concept:
you are a man and you can rape a woman.
A woman can’t rape you.  Which of
the two of you is superior?

I’m not condoning or advocating rape.  But the simple fact that you can rape a woman
and she is incapable of raping you should help you realize your natural

Lastly, stop referring to her as your girlfriend.  She’s not your equal and unless you’re a teenager, the term girlfriend is inappropriate.  She’s your property.  Address her as such.  She’s your girl, your whore, your slut, or whatever other term you want to give to her.  To be honest, the term “girlfriend” sounds, frankly, childish.

So do I have any reading resources?  No, but you should learn to undercut the
feminist lies at their core (Prager University on YouTube addresses some feminist lies).  Do I have
articles on men struggling with stubborn submissives?  No, because the more confident you are of
your own superiority, the less stubborn she will become.  When she realizes you’re so confident that
you could literally walk away from the relationship if you don’t get what you
deserve, her stubbornness will cease.

And if it doesn’t, there are tens of millions of other women who
want a man who has a superiority complex.

Educate yourself on feminist lies.  You’ll be a better man for it.


Eh. Bullshit.  In fact, fucking bullshit.

I want to be really clear that I’m not knocking folks who are into M/s relationships, have humiliation fetishes, etc.  I am going to knock people who propagate their own particular kinks as universal truths.  And or who intentionally or unintentionally spread laughably false misinformation.  

TL;DR: Misogynist ≠ “Dom”

That said…

Look. Anon’s got a partner who’s a) a bratty Sub, b) a “liberal/feminist” and b) is interested in becoming a better Submissive.  The question was “can you offer us some advice?”  Instead of, you know, actual practical mentoring for a novice Dom the answer was some whiny screed about (straw) feminists.   That’s… not helpful.

Clue #1: Andrea Dworkin was a sexual submissive.  So, yeah, it’s pretty easy to be a feminist submissive.  And I could just stop there.  But…

Clue #2: If you think you have to undermine your partner’s feminism to get her to Submit to you you’re not a Dom you’re a dick.

Clue #3: Any asshole can “dominate” someone who’s actually weaker than them, poorer than them, more vulnerable than them, more fragile or wrecked or hurt than them. But that’s not called D/s, it’s called abuse.

Clue #4: if you can’t get it up for a feminist Sub you’re not a Dom you’re neck-bearded basement troll.

Clue #5: “Prager University on YouTube.”  Ahahahahahahah!  What a bunch of low-testosterone losers.

Clue #6: 3:1 odds the “anon” is a sock puppet.

Clue #7: “the simple fact that you can rape a woman and she is incapable of raping you should help you realize your natural superiority.”  Going to lose your MRA street cred for that one.  (For those with better sense than to turn over rocks looking for MRA dogma: It’s a point of principle among MRAs that women rape men far more often than men rape women.)

Clue #8: There’s a world of differences between “feminist lies” and lies about feminists.  Oh wait, no, those two things are identical.  

Clue #9: Don’t get your dicks all scratched up fucking strawman feminists.

Clue #10: There’s a world of difference between a Dominant’s cocky self confidence and a basement troll’s pissy little sense of entitlement.  Only one of them will get you girls.  (And no, it’s not the difference between “alphas” and “betas.”  That whole alpha/beta business is just more self-hating man-on-man misandry.)

Seriously.  For those of us old enough to remember what sex was like before, the 2nd- and 3rd Waves of feminism are the best thing ever happened to heterosexual sex in general and kink in particular.