Caring for your Long Distant Little


This can be a difficult task, if your a 45 minute drive our, across countries, a few thousand miles apart… It hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise is ACTUALLY lying to you, because it is. Not that its any easier for your little, but you as a caregiver are responsible for your little… Here’s some help


  • Get a routine, it helps you both. 
  • Mornings try to call, or text
  • Not awake when they get up? Try a scheduled text message!
  • Check in to make sure they ate breakfast at a reasonable time
  • Do they have school, work, an appointment? 
    • Try to keep track and help them out during the day.
  • Check in for lunch and water
  • Other responsibility, chores, homework?
  • Night times are the hardest (in my opinion) 
    • Try to Skype or at least call as much as possible
    • Make sure they, drank water and ate
    • Maybe have them drink more or have a snack
    • Use the restroom 
    • Brush teeth
    • Pick out a stuffy
    • Maybe read a story or sing?
  • Track meals and water if you can
    • Have them send photos of their meals
    • Track water with colorful bracelets or hair ties, maybe an app
  • Bed time 
  • “Home work”
    • Something easy to make your little feel good
    • Remember your job as a CG is to help your little be the best they can, challenge their little side, their big side if they let you. 
  • Home/Life obligations
    • This can be family, jobs, school work, etc.
  • Personal Hygiene
    • Caring for a little long distance is hard
    • Lots of times I insist I don’t need to brush my teeth or shower
    • Make sure they do, it is important
  • Personal Health
    • Try having them walk or do some fun little exercise 
  • Communicate problems
    • Tell your little that they aren’t a bother, annoying, or stupid
    • Tell them how you want to know when they aren’t feel well
    • Fun way I saw have them tell you (Maybe even via photo) if its a bad feeling in their head, stomach or heart. Head being mental, heart emotional, and stomach physical so you know how to properly care for them
  • Ask for candy, soda, or other sweets
  • Inform (At the very least) when you go out.
    • They are little not a child, but being honest, when they don’t respond because they are out with friends, you will worry


    • Later bed time
    • X amount of sweets
    • Extra free time
    • Less CG assigned homework
    • Think about allowing an amazon allowance 
    • Care boxes, with extra treats
    • Chore monster users (Motherboard for CGs)
    • Free-bee chores so they can win monsters
  • This may seem trivial, but on FB messenger, and now IOS10??? Send balloons, literally daddy does it to me all day and I get so exited that I loose it. 
  • Send virtual flowers, hugs, kisses,  or even candy arrangements
  • Write them a love letter
  • Send long paragraphs to them 
  • Have them do something they like
    • Bubble bath?
    • Walk around
    • Take photos?
  • Get out of punishment free card
  • Read them their favorite story
  • Sing a song


    • Time out
    • Done over Skype, but only over calls you know will be a while
    • Give them x amount of time, then with their camera on have them sit. 
  • Early bed time
    • Be sure to get notifications from all their social media sent to your phone to see if they went to bed or not
  • No sweets for x amount of days
  • Revoke paci time or stuffies
    • Note only to be done when prior communication is had regarding this and its okay
    • A lot of little’s use those are comfort and coping items, do not take those away. 
  • Extra homework or chores
  • Spankings
    • Done live over skype
    • Or video proof sent

    Things to think about

    1. Having a Baby Sitter 
    1. Same concept of a real baby sitter, this would be someone who Platonicly cares for your little, there is no sexual or romantic relationship unless discussed prior to by ALL parties involved. Who lives near by your little 
  • Never ignore your little as a punishment 
    1. Think of how much time you have now
  • Tell them when you will be busy all day
  • Still expect a lot of texts
  • Selfies to your little make the day easier to get though 
  • Purchase tickets when you can 
    1. So you can start a countdown! 
  • Treat your little their real age sometimes to
  • Listen to them
  • Be honest and open as well