He’s almost there.

No interference.

No creeps.


This is a really smart man.

More goddamn pockets!!! My bio daughter’s first real sewing project was replacing the fake 1-inch-deep pockets of her first big-girl jeans with real goddamn pockets!

Her mom, not at all fru-fru couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t just put everything in a purse.

My daughter legit tracks wolves, forges throwing knives from steel rebar, and Snapchats with innumerable cute boys on her phone. Purses are nice but not terribly useful for any of the above.

Speaking of purses, creeps, and interference, you’ve got to submit to bag checks when you go into a lot of clubs, courthouses, museums, and stores. Pocket checks not so much.

But hey, at least they charge women more to take all those pockets out of women’s clothes before selling them, right?

Good way to de-“mystify” the opposite sex: look in a mirror and ask “if it was me would I want to put up with that bullshit?” That’ll get you at least 80% of the way there.

Getting the rest of the way there is a lot trickier, btw. Because that involves looking in the mirror and asking “it is me and do I want to put up with the bullshit I internalize every day.” Because a big chunk of not understanding the opposite sex is failing to recognize your own. (Clarification: I said the bullshit we internalize not the obvious stuff we imagine is the other sex’s fault.)