I felt real, genuine, unbridled joy when I got a text from one of my partners about some fun he had just had with a new couple.
I had a quiet night in, no sex even, and I was still so so happy for him.
I wasn’t even the slightest bit jealous! (Okay maybe a tiny bit because it sounded like so much fun and I had the chance to be in on it but had to pass – but really hardly any at all.)
Also, we had a really great exchange about some dynamics earlier in the evening and this great feeling just solidified it even more for me.

Compersion’s a funny word for a good thing. I dunno if I’m poly but I’m almost never traditionally jealous when friends, lovers, partners, or exes have sex or even whole relationships with other people.

I think maybe it’s having been a dad before I was a Daddy? It would be weird keeping your own children from growing up and discovering romance, wouldn’t it?

So maybe that’s why as a Daddy I’ll feel wistful, sure, and concerned about wise or safe choices, but I’m still going to be less “how could you” and more “go get ‘em, tiger.”