can!! we!!! stop!!! sexualizing and fetishizing girls who love girls!!!! like it’s not just for you to watch, it’s not for your threesome fantasy, it’s not to get your dick hard. it’s love and deep connections and cuddling and sweet kisses and all of that. i want more of that on my dash. if you only support lesbians when it’s pornographic, you’re trash.

Lesbians and bisexual women are great company.  Awesome housemates too. Good co-workers.  Great teachers, students, and classmates too.  Good clients.  Great bosses.  Good realtors.  Wonderful doctors.  Cool travel companions.  

Yep.  I love girls who love girls.

Ahaha.  I love generalizations too.

If you’re gonna generalize, though, generalize generally!  In reality, as opposed to generality, plenty are class a jerks, flakes, and toolbags too.  Just like everybody else.

A lot harder to fetishize, or generalize about people once you get to know them.