(continued) He’s now pouting and refusing to do anything to help because I gave him a hard no on sex today. I have a vibrator that arrived at our leasing office, and he has flat out refused to get it (he has to get it cause his name is on the package) because I wouldn’t fuck him today. I just wanted the vibrator to use on my stomach to try and alleviate the cramps. Am I being unreasonable and overly hormonal, or is he at fault here too? I thank you in advance for your advice


Oh shit, just read this second part. What the actual fuck? Tell him to man up and stop thinking with his fucking dick!!! He is the poster boy for how not to be properly supportive when his girl has her period!

This. Jesus. Jack off, like you’re gonna be doing all the time soon as she’s on her feet and out the door, then go get her her goddamn vibrator.

Cis women get periods. A lot of the time it hurts enough to make them vomit. One’s goddamn dick isn’t going to fall off if you go a couple days without pussy. But it might as well fall off if:

A) you don’t take care of your friend, lover, roommate, and Sub when she’s hurting and

B) she tells everyone on social media what she told @instructor144

Don’t know why guys don’t figure this out sooner. REALLY don’t understand how women are able to tolerate that kind of shit as if it was normal.


I ought to to say I haven’t always been a saint and I’m still not one now. I might get periods but I’m bound to be an asshole about other important relationship responsibilities. But seriously. Learn from other people’s mistakes!