Could just post just a cute pic without any nudity or something like that


ok but today i worked wearing sweat pants, a loose t-shirt, no bra, an oversized jacket, and trainers. my stomach hates me but my eye liner was perfect

im always naked. i can’t take a simple selfie

I’m always surprised when you are surprised that men find you no less sexy, no less desirable, no less incredibly attractive when you’re in your ratty old sweats, when your hair’s a mess, when you’re grumpy, when you’re dragging back from the gym sticky with dried perspiration, when you’re feeling bloaty, when your eyes are red and puffy from allergies or a cold, when your legs and pits and mons are stubbly, when you’ve gained five pounds, when you’re wearing last year’s Jimmy fucking Choo’s, or any of the should’s and “must-do” misunderstandings about real vs. idea that were the heart Sex in the City and its ilk.

Sexy isn’t how you dress.  It’s definitely not something you do.  It’s who you are.  Always ways who you are.

Saying “you wouldn’t want to see me like this?”  We do.  We really do.

Yes, you can transform yourself.  And it’s lovely when you do.  But the trick is you’re just as lovely when you don’t.

In the morning when you’re hair’s a wreck and your face puffy and half your makeup is on the pillow and you imagine yourself sticky and smelly and gross?  You’re not.   You’re beautiful because you’re beautiful, not because you make yourself beautiful.

Want to know a little secret that every man (though perhaps not every boy) knows instinctively? We learn to see through to the real you as much through your finest frippery as through your rattiest sweaters.