Date Death himself. He’s a hard worker, always busy, yet he always has time for you. You share a secret love between yourselves; he makes you feel so many emotions. Sadness, rage, fear, depression, panic, and yet sometimes craving. He writes you sweet love songs, sometimes they are more sweet than others, but each night the tune lulls you to sleep, when you are closest to him. It’s comforting to know that if things get too bad, he will always be there for you to show you the way out. You both know you can never really be together until the very end, but love him, for he loves you. He has waited your whole life for you.

Time for a “Daddy voice” conversation about romance and cultural expectations.  

The way we grow up to believe in “true love,” death really is the romantic ideal!

Problem being that even fucking Death will let you down!

Just like every other prospect you hold out for.  Just like every other pined-for partner you thought would be “the one.”  If only you could land them.  

Yeah.  Well in the “romantic” sense Death really is the perfect partner.  You’ll have that one “perfect” moment and… he’ll be gone too.  Like every other perfect partner who turned out to have feet of clay.

Stop lugging around that glass slipper looking for “the one.”  Stop sleeping till that one day when your prince will come.

Relationship is a verb, not a noun.

A relationship is an activity, not an event.

Death is there for all of us, sure, but Death is also the ultimate “love you and leave you.”

Might as well start living while you wait.