D-daddy…… can you-u.. uhmm..



“D-daddy…. can you-u.. uhmm”

•Push me against a wall•
•Knock me onto the bed•
•Get close, climb on top of me, shadow me•
•Show me how big you are•
•Show me how dominant you can be•
•Give me that “your in for it” smirk as your eyes wander & your mind plots all you want to do to me•
•Tell me what a bad girl I’ve been•
•Restrain me•
•Use your hand to hold me down•
•Prove to me I can’t escape•
•Growl deep as you push back my hair; reassuring me I’m in good hands•
•Lean your body into me as our hearts pound heavy•
•Your body is a cage•
•Hold me in place•
•Make me look you in the eyes•
•Run your fingers along my skin•
•Grind against me•
•Force my legs open•
•Breath hot against my skin•
•Whisper sweet nothings as my body begins to melt•
•From lips to neck to nipples to thighs•
•I’m under your spell•
•Make my body ache•
•Put me in my place & command me•

“Daddy can we cuddle”
…….“Of course, baby girl”

◆Written by me |23:23|


Of course I can, puppy!  Of course I will!

Cuddling after isn’t even negotiable, is it?  We’ve got to do that!