To be what he wishes for me to be, yes. Always.

But also because I wish to be all that I was created to be. To gloriously revel in unabashed surrender. To give all of my sexual self within the safety of unconditional love and acceptance. To lay the burden of my insatiable desire as a rare and cherished gift at his feet. For it is in his hands that transformation takes place. He frees the me that lies hidden in stone. Crafts me by exploring my mind, his mind and fingers smear and prod, coaxing me to life, molding me with his own desires in response.

For him, I become. ~dd

Oooh!  This feels like it could be a whole leap past inspection kink, doesn’t it?  Close your eyes and try daydreaming about strong, clever hands on your body leaving you feeling not simply explored but molded so that who you are (really, already are) is also exactly how he wants to make you!