I was just answering an Ask about recommendations for humiliation D/s blogs, but I lost the damn thing when I was done composing it. stupid too many tabs open and toggling on bad sleep!

It was TL:dr anyway.  Real quick though? Take a look at who I reblog those posts from, and those are the ones I recommend. 

An important distinction to make is that there are a lot of humiliation and degradation D/s blogs on tumblr, and I stay away from what i’d say is the majority of them, because they either:

 A.) actually believe in misogyny & the inferiority of women to men, and in literal obedience to a patriarchy, or B.) it isn’t clear whether or not their blog content is fantasy or play (which mine very much is, and every sexual post i make is in the context of consent.)

the ones I reblog from aren’t those.  hope that helps!



Yes. Because Jesus!

Look, years ago I remember seeing some moron telling a masochist that he should meet someone… I dunno.. a sister-in-law or co-worker or something… who’d be “perfect” because “she hates men.” 

Yeah.  No.  That’s not “femdom” or “findom.”  It’s not masochism or submissiveness either.

I mean, yeah, there are people out there who really, truly hate women, or men, and really want to enslave, hurt, degrade, or kill them.  But that’s not, um, kink.  That’s sociopathology.  And sure, there are people out there who are attracted to those who really feel that way.  But that’s not kink either, it’s codependence.

Real kink?  Actual kink?  No matter how you play it’s a mutual, consenting, voluntarily sought, negotiated, and agreed-to relationship.  

You don’t have to love each other.  You don’t even have to like each other.  But if you don’t respect each other then ur doin it rong.