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years later House is still as relevant as he ever was

I wasn’t vaccinated and never got sick so

And I swam and didn’t drown.

Anecdotes aren’t evidence. The reason YOU specifically didn’t get sick is because of something called Mass Immunity.

That means that since everyone ELSE is vaccinated (you’re welcome), there’s nowhere for the virus to establish a hold.
That mass immunity is the only thing that keeps people who CANNOT vaccinate—like the immunocompromised—from catching it.

The second that people stop vaccinating, that immunity disappears and the disease resurges, as is clear from the fact that the US is currently experiencing an epidemic of a disease that was projected to become extinct in our lifetimes.

Get immunized. There’s no reason not to.

Considering that there’s a whole host of people in my age range who weren’t vaccinated enough (even I was missing the second dose of MMR until recently) getting the measles and the mumps I think it’s ridiculous that we’re arguing over a life and death situation. Literally, do you want to live or die?

Also, even if you weren’t vaccinated and never got sick–at least not visibly–that doesn’t preclude the possibility that you picked up a virus and passed it on without knowing it. 

Maybe you had…oh, let’s say measles. But you had no symptoms. Or maybe you had a fever,  or sore eyes, or a harsh dry cough, but that was it. But nothing that said anything was seriously wrong. And in the meantime, you went about your business. Maybe you waited for a bus with an old man, or shared an aisle at the store with a pregnant woman and her wailing one-year-old, or attended a party with your friends.  

And the disease you didn’t know you had? That passed on to the people you met, or to people that they met. The disease you didn’t know you had was passed to a friend at that party, and she passed it to her mother and father, they passed it to their workmates, and now two offices are sick with your measles. The old man you saw at the bus stop? He got pneumonia as a result of the measles you passed to him. The pregnant woman from the store? She miscarried. Her baby, who was too young to be vaccinated? She developed encephalitis and died. 

You’re not the only one who’s being protected by your vaccination. You’re protecting everyone else as well. That’s the fucking POINT of vaccination.

Anti-vaxxers are permenantly on my shit-list as irresponsible, selfish motherfuckers and they can leave my planet any time they like.

Back when carjacking was a thing, in parts of town it was safer to run stop signs than to stop.  Especially 4-way stops.  

This was because virtually everyone else participated in the “stop at stop signs” policy,   That means if you ran a stop sign there was an almost 100% chance that you’d be the only one taking that risk, and therefore the chances of having a car wreck injury were very, very, very small.

You could even brag about how you do it all the time and you never had a car wreck injury!


It’s one of those things where if everybody ran stop signs your, um, advantage would disappear, wouldn’t it?  And if everyone else ran stop signs too your risk of getting t-boned in an intersection would catapult to near certainty.

Vaccination is like that too.

Your chance of catching, say, measles, smallpox, polio, or getting cervical or throat cancer from HPV is very, very small if nobody else is getting it because they all got vaccinated.  Just like if you’re the only one who doesn’t stop at a 4-way.

And if nobody else is vaccinated your chances become very, very high.  Just like if everybody hits the gas going through a 4-way.

So let’s spell out that analogy,

Carjacking = chance of an adverse reaction to vaccination
Everyone using stop signs correctly = everyone getting vaccinated
Car wreck injury = catching the disease the vaccination is meant to stop or slow

And yeah, this is a sex blog and this topic has little to do with sex.  Well, except for HPV.  But I’m not just a sexual being responsible only for my own well-being.  I’m also a social being and a grownup who takes responsibility for my own wellbeing, my lovers’, family, neighbors, community, country, and world’s wellbeing too.

You don’t just stop at a stop sign to protect yourself, you do so to protect anyone else who might be using the intersection.  You don’t just get vaccinated for yourself (hell, many vaccinations don’t provide 100% protection anyway.)  Instead you do so to protect everybody who might be breathing the same air, using the same water, kissing or hugging or having sex with you or your partners, and so on.

Being a grownup involves doing grownup shit.  It involves looking past the end of your  dick  nose.

Be a grownup.