Dear Daddies: The way you treat your little girl teaches her how to treat herself. My Daddy never has time for me. I’m inconvenient. I’m unimportant. I stopped eating two days ago. He hasn’t noticed. If I don’t matter to him, I don’t matter to myself.


Nothing needs to be added here. Frame it and put it on the wall. Couldn’t have said it better myself

Aaaahhh!!!! Wait!  WTF!?!?!?  No!

Parents, Daddy, or drill sergeant this is not modeled behavior!

1) When someone doesn’t eat for two days who’s responsibility is it?

2)  Regardless of kink or lifestyle, if someone is an adult and adult partner really never has time for them?  Really finds them inconvenient and unimportant?  Then they’re no longer in a relationship, are they?  No, they’re single.  At which point who’s responsible for their own health and wellbeing?

Ugh!  I do. Not. Like enabling this kind of behavior.  

The way a Daddy treats their Little teaches her only how he treats his Littles.  Whether they treat her too sweetly or too sternly, whether he’s negligent or smothering, if it’s not working and neither is communicating then it’s time for her to step away.  And/or him.


Might not be fun to pull on one’s big-girl pants and engage in self-care.  But going two days without eating because you don’t want to break character hints at something darker than a relationship issue.

Is her Daddy a jerk?  Very likely!  He’s got responsibilities inside their relationship too, and it sounds like he’s not holding up his end either!  So I’m sure as hell not absolving him! (I’m not absolving me for all the times I’ve been an inadequate Daddy!)


I’m sure as hell not absolving her either.

Little ≠ non-functioning


Don’t encourage this.