Dear Doms, Yes, Sometimes you need to make love




Dear Doms, Yes, Sometimes you need to make love.
Yes this means you. Look I’m not saying you are not the Domliest of Doms. I’m not telling you can’t use your sultry little cocksleeve as your personal fuck puppet. No, by all means make em crawl, make em beg and by all means make them cum. However, if you think being a Dom begins and ends with ordering around your sub in the bedroom like a personal fuck toy, then you my friend are not Dom. You are kinky fucker. Congratulations! There is nothing wrong with being a kinky fucker. If you however have said to another human being I am your Dom, then you my good fellow (madam) have taken on much more than the role of bedroom bully. This living, reasoning human being has just chosen to subjugate their will to yours. They are trusting you to do right by them. There is a lot of psychology well above my pay grade that goes into the decision to submit to another human being and I have no intention of pretending to know it all. What I do know is that a sub is a person and no person is all one thing, with only one purpose. When she/he yields to your will and you accept that gift, you are saying “Its ok, you don’t have to worry anymore. I will take care of you now.” Even if your D/s relationship is only in the bedroom there will be times where you need to be alert enough to know that what your sub needs right then is not being Dominated. “Blasphemy!” I hear you say, but stay with me a moment. You are a god. (You liked that didn’t you?) You are worshiped by another human being. So, I ask you when the ancient peoples of whereeveropolis bowed down and made offerings to the god/goddess of whatyouwantnow, why did they bother? Simply stated they had an unwritten contract. I worship you, you take care of me.
So, Your Holiness, make love to your sub now and then. Power is not ability to punish; true power is the ability pardon. Praise and pamper your sub from time to time (especially little’s). Make yourself worthy of worship.


You are my god

Earn the position of treasured acolyte.

So nicely said.  ALl of it.