Did You Know?




Not all Littles are really young?

Not all Littles like pacifiers?

Not all Littles are Little 24/7?

Littles can be EXTREMELY mature and responsible?

Littles can be a badass asskicker?

Littles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors?

Littles can be hard on the outside & soft on the inside?

Littles can have all the emotions?

Littles can have no emotions?

Littles can be reasonable?

Littles will cut a bitch looking at her Daddy?

Littles like all sorts of things?

Littles can be super smart?
(Most of the time smarter than their Daddy, but we’ll keep that to ourselves)

Littles can have disabilities?

Littles can be a Mommy?

Littles can like hard work?

Littles can be more than they could ever imagine?

Did you know that this is only a fraction about Littles?

Get to know your Littles.

Littles, get to know yourselves.

– Sir Daddy

Love this!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

THIS! !!

So, yeah.

  • Lin Miranda Manuel plays Alexander Hamilton, he doesn’t think he’s Alexander Hamilton.  Leslie Odom doesn’t think Lin Miranda Manuel is Alexander Hamilton either.
  • Patrick Steward plays a starship captain, he didn’t think he was a starship captain.  Jonathan Frakes didn’t think Patrick Stewart was a starship captain either.
  • Every cosplayer at every comicon who dresses up like Sailor Moon might wish she or he was really Sailor Moon.  But they don’t think they’re Sailor Moon.  And much as their partners might wish the same, they’re not Sailor Moon either.
  • Littles aren’t actually little.  Their partners don’t think they are either.

Age play ≠ Age