Do doms always test something out on themselves first?


Not as much as they used to. Back in the day, certain Old Guard traditions not only expected a Dom to do that, but even to put in a stint as a submissive, in order to truly understand what it entailed. Now I ain’t Old Guard enough to do that, though I respect those who still hold to the old ways. But I have tried every implement I’ve used on myself before using it on someone else. Spoiler alert? A quirt hurts like a motherfucker.

Yup. My first real boss was a Mississippi grifter who’d start great pizza or fried chicken joints then skip town after a year or to after never paying taxes.

He knew his stuff though. Worked hard. Smart and creative too. Just held on to all our payroll taxes till investigators started sniffing around and the he’d bolt.

Anyway, he said a good boss won’t ever ask his employees to do anything he wouldn’t. So he made a big production out of making the pizzas, mopping the floors, and getting down on his knees with rubber gloves to scrub the toilets.


Did a good job. Made his point. And expected us to do it same as he had.

A good top should do the same. Because how the hell would you know what your partner is experiencing if you don’t try it on yourself?