Do you accept submissions?

I actually don’t accept submissions.  Instead I actively encourage people to start their own blogs because it’s just easier to control your message on your own blog.

And if you’re not sure you’d be a good blogger?  Well.  None of us were when we started.  Like a lot of things you get better with age.  The difference is you’ll usually start “finding your voice” after 20-50 posts.  Paradoxically, your first posts might not be all that great but at first you won’t have many (or maybe even any readers.)  That’s, again paradoxically, a good thing.  Your readership will grow with you.

I’m almost always happy to see other people’s blogs, more so when they’re putting themselves into it.  There are some very successful bloggers who do a wonderful job of curating submissions.   This too takes practice.  

Me?  I’m still getting a handle on answering asks!  I don’t know if I’d ever get good at curating submission.  Especially anonymous ones.

That said, I do accept PMs.  I can’t answer all of them but I answer wayyy more of those than I do Asks or submissions.

Asking was the biggest step – after that blogging won’t be that hard.  And you might find it’s a lot of fun!

Best wishes and best of luck!