Do you think a virgin female should have sex for the first time with an older man or someone her age?


Ooh go with experience babe.. ether that be younger or older. If he just wants sex then no.. he’ll be crap in bed lol

As an older, experienced man with a lifelong background in adult education and training you’d think I’d be all for losing ones virginity with, well, someone like me!

Tempting, no doubt about that.

But actually not the only and often not the best way to lose one’s virginity.

The best way? With someone you feel 100% equal to. Someone you can learn together with.

Yeah, if it’s a matter of a nasty little troll with a little bit of experience and a lot of “fake it till you make it” arrogance then sure, someone older and more considerate would be a better choice.

But age and experience isn’t a panacea. And it’s definitely no guarantee of either consideration, of listening, of teaching, or of respect.

But someone who’ll listen, and respect, and LEARN WITH you? Oh hell yeah, that’s always going to be a better, more empowering, and enjoyable first time.