Dominant values…


I’m a very petite girl.  Under 5 foot.  I can’t reach anything… least of all the shelves in my cupboard.  I HATE taking the time to get my step stool so I pretend I have the super power of being able to grow a few extra inches at will and try to reach as best as I can.  Sometimes my super powers go on the fritz.

Last night I was up on my tippy toes reaching to put away a serving bowl. My fingers slipped and CRASH! The bowl came plummeting to earth and smashed into a dizzying array of glass shards.  This damn bowl must have been made out of an alien material because I have never seen anything shatter so spectacularly before.  Millions of long, thin shards spread out everywhere! I’m sure some managed to land in the front yard.  It was insane!

I’m barefoot and still standing on my tip toes.  I’m not going anywhere.

Me:  G!  Help!  I’m stuck!

G:  Oh, sweet Jesus!  Don’t move an inch. Do. Not. Move.  I’ll make you a path.

 He breaks out the trusty vacuum cleaner (the broken glass blocked the way to the broom) and starts clearing a path.  After awhile, I see the light of freedom and make my break.  I planned to put on some shoes and finish the cleanup. After all, it was my mess.  I’ll clean it up, right?  Nope.  That’s not how G saw it.  He continued to vacuum the whole pantry and the entire kitchen.  Then he swept it with the broom.  He knows I run around barefoot and he wanted to make sure there wasn’t a speck of glass left to hurt me.

Being dominant isn’t just about rough sex or having a girl to be at your beck and call to please you.  At it’s core, being dominant is protecting and cherishing the one you love. Compare it to a mama bear protecting her cubs.  Last night, G’s display of dominance could never be pictured in these glossy pics shown on Tumblr.  A man with a vacuum cleaner?!?  It isn’t sexy enough.  But, trust me when I say that he exhibited the core values of a dominant and I found it to be incredibly sexy!  This is what dominance is really about. All the rest…is the wonderful icing on the cake! 

And, damnit, that was one of my favorite bowls!

That second to last paragraph?  Oh hell yeah, that’s what being a Daddy’s all about for me.  Spank your pretty ass red?  Yeah.  Till all your pent up emotions release and spill down your cheeks.  Vacuum and sweep so that not even a sliver of glass remains to cut your feet?  That’s every bit a part of it too.  Not one.  Not the other.  Both!