Dom’s don’t cook for subs


I recently “enjoyed”
the rant of a domly dom about how subs have to do everything and the
dom can’t possibly do anything for them. A big point they made was
about how someone cooked for their sub (even outside play) and that
can’t be a real dom.

It’s really sad how people let
stereotypes limit them. It’s like a wall that doesn’t even allow them
to look into ideas.

Let me tell you a little thing I played
maybe two month ago. I spend a few days with my pleasure slave, and
it was during an extended period of orgasm denial. And guess what, at
some point you get hungry. Sure, I could have just ordered her to
cook something, but her cooking skills are limited to convenience

I opted to leave her blindfolded and in her (~10kg /
22lbs) of chains and just led her into the kitchen on her leash. I
put a blanket down, and had her kneel in the corner, with the leash
secured. And then she kept pleasuring herself, naked and kneeling, in
the corner of the kitchen while I cooked and enjoyed the show and
using little opportunities to toy with her.

Of course it had
an intense impact on her, especially because she was forced to stay
deeply in her role while I was doing something pretty mundane. Had
she cooked, even naked and chained, she would have never felt as
controlled and owned as she was being excluded from something in
which you would intuitively participate.

The moral of it

Don’t let stupid stereotypes limit your play.

Stereotypes limit imagination.  And opportunities.