Do something because…
You feel you set presedence
You feel obligated
You feel it’s expected
You feel the need to prove something

Do it because…
You want to
You love it/them

In D/LG terms, “If Bailey and Brook jumped off a cliff would you jump off a cliff too?”

  • Did it once and didn’t like it?  You don’t have to do it again
  • Feel like you “really ought to” even though you’re not ready because they seem so disappointed?   It’s great to be not ready!  (Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once!)
  • Think you should because "all their other partners” did it, or because “everybody does it?”  Yeah, well chances surprisingly good that most of them didn’t/don’t either.  
  • Think you “ought to be able to take it?”  Yeah, just because he/she saw a trained athlete “take it” on doesn’t mean anybody actually enjoyed it.

Be you!  Do what you love!