As a society, we need to stop assuming that everyone enjoys drinking alcohol.

Lmao @ people who think I’m ridiculous for this post. I’m defensive because alcoholism is a huge issue. Everywhere in the world. Not to mention, I know it’s hard for some of you fucks to believe because of how widely accepted alcohol is, but there are a HUGE amount of people who have personal issues with alcohol. Either being recovering or previous alcoholics themselves, having a close personal tie with someone who abused alcohol, growing up in an unstable alcoholic household, having DEEPLY EMBEDDED family or spouse issues ALL because of alcohol. FUCK OFF with your me being so offended bullshit. Just assume people are sober till you find out on **their** terms they aren’t. Don’t expect that everyone likes to drink. Just like you wouldn’t expect that everyone likes to smoke cannabis, why would you do it with alcohol? (That’s rhetorical, it’s obviously because basically everyone assumes the entire world enjoys drinking). It’s not hard. Don’t offer people drinks unless you know they drink. BYE.

My favorite response when I tell people im straight edge is “what? You’ll never drink ever? Not one drink? I don’t believe you.”
And they’ll laugh
And I’ll look them straight in their fucking eye and tell them both my parents, and my aunt are recovering alcoholics. The rest of my family? Has never tried, nor ever got the chance to recover from their addiction. It’s by some miracle my mother is alive right now because she drank so much her liver stopped working. She was in a coma for two weeks. The doctors almost gave up on her.
My dad was an abusive drunk and then turned to hard drugs and that certainly didn’t help anything. My 3 younger sisters and I were almost put into foster care because of the both of them. I was only about 14 at the time. Making my youngest sister, 7. And because of all of this my family went bankrupt and we were almost homeless. All because of drinking :)

That usually shuts them up real fucking fast but, I shouldn’t have to explain that to anyone. I shouldn’t have to defend my (perfectly healthy!) choices!

If someone tells you they don’t drink, it’s for a fucking reason. Don’t be a dick. Casual alcoholism is a huge fucking problem in the world and its scary that most people can’t see it.

Also, some people just… don’t like drinking. There are people out there who just genuinely do not enjoy drinking alcohol. They don’t like the taste, they don’t like being impaired, and they have no desire to try to force themselves into enjoying it just because someone else thinks it’s “weird”.

There are all kinds of reasons that someone might not choose to drink, and all of those reasons are valid. There’s nothing wrong with it, it doesn’t mean they “can’t have fun”, and I guarantee you they’re not judging you for drinking. And if they are? It’s definitely not as much as they’re being judged for not drinking.

Don’t try to force people to drink. Don’t assume everyone likes to drink. And if someone says they don’t drink? Don’t force them to explain why just to get you to stop hounding them.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid booze and the particulars of someone’s reasons are none of your business. Nobody deserves to catch crap because they don’t imbibe.

the culture of alcohol is disgusting and i want it to stop

I don’t drink, and the reaction that I get every time someone asks me if I do and I tell them that I don’t varies between them not believing me, asking why I would ever do something like that, and yes, laughing.

When my dad was a kid he would find his mom passed out drunk on the kitchen floor more often than not. I watched my sister punching holes in walls and even physically attacking my mother and my other sisters from drinking alcohol. She drank straight vodka right out of a water bottle. Almost died from a mixture of drink and 8 different prescription pills. It’s literally a miracle she’s alive today.

I don’t drink because I genuinely don’t like the taste of alcohol, I don’t like being impaired, and because I’ve seen what kind of damage it can do to a person and to their family. Don’t tell me that alcoholism only affects the alcoholic. That’s like telling someone that cancer only affects the cancer patient.

In the US in something like 70% percent of violent crime cases (including things like gas station and bank robberies) the perpetrator and/or the victim has been drinking alcohol.

I don’t have statistics but I’m gonna guarantee the numbers are higher for perpetrators and victims of “date rape,” and other sex-linked, non-stranger assaults.

Not saying sober people never commit assault or other crimes. The orange-haired, gleefully predatory pussy grabber famously never consumes alcohol. For instance


I am going to say that every fucking accusation, warning, and excuse leveled against VICTIMS who drink goes double for perpetrators.

Not saying nobody should drink ever.

But that whole “boys/girls get prettier at closing time” thing. That’s sort of supposed to be a joke? It’s a sign YOUR ability to consent is impaired. Also your judgment. Including right from wrong and what constitutes “flirting” vs heavy pressure on someone who’s also not in the best condition to competently consent. (If someone is too drunk to drive they’re too drunk to consent too. Or request consent and judge that it was freely given.)

Anyway. On top of everything mentioned above, alcohol is responsible for an extraordinary amount of sex-associated crime.