E., when did u learn that size actually matter?



I’ve never learned that, because for me, as for most other folks who love having sex with penis-owners, it just doesn’t matter. For real. From my perspective, it’s pretty wrongheaded to assume that the size of your cock is going to make or break my experience with you – things like openmindedness, chemistry, ability to listen, oral sex skills, toy collections, and willingness to experiment are infinitely more important to me than whether than one single body part has a above or below average size.


But wait, men say, aren’t there “size queens” who only want big dicks? Sure! Of course!



uncommon enough that folks have created a special label for their specific kink!

If most women were “size queens” we wouldn’t call them something special. We’d just call them “women,” wouldn’t we? We’d have to make ups special word for women who didn’t care!!

Seriously, guys gotta come up with some other way to compete with each other besides dick measuring. Our perpetual anxiety seems to exasperate or bore most actual women.

Extra credit: I have no stats to back this up but based on anecdotal evidence but I’m gonna say roughly half of all women who claim to be “size queens” are some form of (possibly closeted) top and mostly interested in humiliation play with their insecure partners.