y’all don’t understand. its not that I don’t like male nudes. it’s not even that I don’t like dick pics. I just don’t like stranger nudes. stranger dick pics. I need dick pics with emotion. dick pics with romantic connection. dick pics of love. not unknown street meat

Yeah.  Don’t do this.

Oh, same with unsolicited upskirt selfies.  Because that happens too.

@eeveestevie put it really, really well.  It’s not that people don’t like to see other people naked.  It’s that people aren’t as crazy about being approached by naked people without (literally!) so much as how do you do.

A portrait of just your junk (or, I guess… junkett?) doesn’t contain enough information.  Really.  Even if yours is the bestest ever.

Oh, and to be fair?  There are 3.5 billion adults on the planet.  And I’m not going to say all will react negatively to unsolicited junk pics.  But… the odds are actually rather low that any one person out of those 3.5 billion is going to be one of those.

So say “hi” first.  And “would you like to see a picture of my junk?”  And if they say yes, thank you then great.  Otherwise, probably don’t.

Or if the have a post that says “send me your junk pics?”  Also great!  Go for it.

Otherwise?  Probably don’t.