Dear god, sleepy intimacy makes me so very happy.

One person sleeping with their head on the other person’s lap. Getting all drowsy-snuggly when they’re too tired to see straight. Being tucked in and kissed on the forehead before they pass out. Gentle touches while they drift off. Trusting the other person to watch over them and make sure nothing happens to them while they’re out.

Just… sleepy intimacy, man.

Mmm, yes, this!!!!

It’s not just a Daddy thing, obviously.  But ohhhhh does it ever get me in the Daddy spot when a lover falls asleep with her head in my lap.  Or when I tuck her in, hold her hand, and tell bedtime stories till she drifts asleep.

Sex is awesome.  But it’s not all there is to most real relationships.  D/Lg or otherwise.